Dr Frantic and the Lab of Loot Slot Review, RTP & Features

Slot Info

Software Games Warehouse
Min Bet Per Line0.01
Bet Range0.20 - 400.00
Game FeaturesWild Symbol, Scatter, Bonus Feature

Dr Frantic is a bit of twist on the classic, Frankenstein. The game requires you to work your way though the good Doctors lab in an attempt to find monster heads and other frightening objects. It’s a good game to play in all honesty and whilst the theme remains light hearted throughout, it wont be one that gets too stale, too quickly.

You’ve got your classic 5 reel 20 payline game with Dr Frantic and with this comes a number of bonus rounds and features to keep you entertained. The inclusion of a gamble feature makes winning the max prize from the game more accessible, even when you’re winnings are just small to start with.

Special Features

The chain reaction feature is one that continues throughout your time on the slot. As you get any winning payline, the chain reaction will start and it will improve your payline where possible. This feature will end when there are no more possible chain reactions from that payline or the highest award has already been made.

Lab of Loot

The lab of loot is Dr Frantic’s feature game, where you will be able to access a number of cash prizes for your troubles. You first need to get 6 or more of the power levers on screen to access this game. Once you are in you can choose between each lever to pull up a cash prize on the one of the TV screens.

Power Up Bonus

If the TV shows a monsters head instead of a cash prize you will go through to the Power Up Bonus round. If you mange to find another monsters head anywhere from this section then you’ll be able to progress into the money monster bonus. It’s here where you can pick up a cash prize and to do so you need to bring the monster back to life to reveal your prize.


Dr Frantic and the Lab of Loot Screenshot


Dr Frantic and the Lab of Loot Paytable


Dr Frantic is simply put, great fun. The game includes a number of eccentric mini-games provided to you by Dr Frantic and from there you have the chance to do well. We found that the game had a surprising amount of longevity as well, and even towards the end of our testing, we thought that it would definitely be a slot that’s worth going back to for another crack at Dr Frantic’s crazy offerings.

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