8 Ball Slots Slot Review, RTP & Features

Slot Info

Software Playtech
Min Bet Per Line0.2
Bet Range0.2 - 4
Game Features

8-Ball Slots is simplicity at its finest. If you were looking for an online slot game filled with fancy graphics, amazing animations and tons of entertaining features, then we would suggest you look elsewhere. You will find none of the above in this retro offering, but that simplicity is where its charm lies. In a world where developers strive to pack their games with as much content as possible, software manufacturer Playtech decided to take a few steps back instead. This title is very, very basic and it brings you back to a time of classic slot machines with only 3 reels and a handful of symbols. Then it’s just you and that one arm to pull for the ‘bandit’ to start spinning its reels. But what sets 8-Ball Slots aside from other vintage slot games out there is actually the theme. You have regular pool balls as the game’s symbols and nothing more.

There are solid balls and striped balls, and the numbers on them is what you will be looking at to determine your payouts. There are no Wild symbols, or any special symbols at all for that matter. So the numbers on the balls will be all you have to pay attention to. Thus, if you have grown tired or overwhelmed by all the different aspects to the multitude of games these days, the simplicity here will likely feel quite refreshing. As for the layout, you will see there are only 3 traditional reels. These come with but a single active payline running horizontally across the middle positions on the reels. Stakes here span from a minimum of 2p per single spin and reach a maximum bet of £10 per spin.

Special Features

As we already made quite clear, there are no special features in 8-Ball Slots. This means there are no freespins, no pick me games, not even a Gamble Feature and certainly no extras you can pay higher stakes for. The only thing that you will have the opportunity to select and potentially enhance your winnings from is the stake. You have two different coin sizes to choose from and these will determine your payouts.

If you go for the larger of the two options you can potentially benefit from a quite attractive jackpot of 2,000 coins. Otherwise the highest possible win you can be looking at will be only 800 coins. Other than that, you form wins by landing 3 matching symbols on the payline – just as anywhere else. You can even just match any three solid or three striped balls to land a win.


8 Ball Slots Screenshot


8 Ball Slots Paytable


We weren’t kidding you when we said that 8-Ball Slots was simplicity at its finest. In fact, it’s probably the definition of simplicity, and that’s not at all a bad thing depending of course on what you’re looking for. This title can make a great first choice for new players, as well as seasoned gamers who want to relax a little. It also has a pretty high RTP, making it all the more attractive and worth looking into.

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