Blueprint Slots & RTP List

SlotReelsPaylinesRTPMin BetMax Bet
Casper Mystery Mirror54095.23%0.4240
Genie Jackpots52092.09%0.2500
The Pig Wizard52094.38%0.2200
Wish Upon A Jackpot52095.26%0.2500

Blueprint Logo

You can trace Blueprint Gaming’s origins back over many years. It’s a part of the Gauselmann Group, one of Germany’s most prevalent companies in the gambling industry. In fact, this parent company has been in existence since 1957, which gives Blueprint Gaming quite the track record.

The Gauselmann Group still holds its headquarters in Germany and is a well-know supplier of physical amusement machines, and after the introduction of online casinos and gaming sites it didn’t take long for the brand to understand that it needed to develop in this area. Enter Blueprint Gaming.

Having been active in the online gaming industry for over 10 years now, Blueprint has been building up a great reputation, and with good reason, too. It has a constantly growing portfolio of high-quality and successful slot titles, which incorporate great bonus features and perks. That’s quite an achievement for an offshoot company that started out so small. It garnered a lot of interest from avid slots players, and its varied choice of slots helped the company to expand quickly.

Some of the world’s best casinos and gaming sites incorporate titles from Blueprint Gaming, showing just how far the brand has come over the years. Their games often leave their mark on players thanks to their intriguing themes and enjoyable setups, with a handful becoming industry favourites. The Blueprint development team constantly strive to push the creative boundaries, enabling them to advance their slots and the inbuilt features ahead of other developers.

Stepping Out of Gauselmann’s Shadow

Gauselman Group LogoWhile it’s true that Blueprint Gaming was born from the Gauselmann Group, it has since relocated itself to the shores of the United Kingdom. In fact, not many people see it as having much of a connection with Gauselmann anymore and instead treat Blueprint as its own entity. In a world that sees companies like Microgaming and Playtech frequently taking the spotlight, Blueprint Gaming is out to prove that even smaller developers can create high-quality, appealing and professional games.

Blueprint doesn’t only operate from the UK but across the globe, extending its potential reach far and wide. The company has offices within the United States and the Philippines in order to facilitate this. You can’t really go wrong being located in the East, West and central zones of the world, can you?

The developer creates exciting slot offerings for the global online and mobile markets, and even though it began with offerings for German players, it rapidly expanded to the international market. Therefore, gaming terminals across the United Kingdom, Italy and others can also enjoy the titles that Blueprint Gaming has to offer. It is this global reach that has seen the company go from humble beginnings under the Gauselmann Group to a larger competitor in the online slot gaming world.

Around the WorldThis ability to cater to a variety of countries and players is visible in the fact that Blueprint’s games are created in 18 different languages and offer integration with 30 different currencies, too. So, the likelihood is that regardless of where you’re based, you’ve got the opportunity to experience what this developer has to offer.

To add to that, the Blueprint brand aims to create and launch 20 separate and unique titles every year, which is how the brand has managed to build up its game catalogue so swiftly. It’s one thing for a company to set such a target, but it’s quite another to follow through with it. Blueprint Gaming has managed this, building a lobby of fulfilling and entertaining slot games.

The Best of Blueprint Gaming

So, what games can be considered some of Blueprint’s finest? After all, if you’re going to check out a developer’s games, you may as well begin with some of their most renowned, right? Well, if we’re honest, it’s difficult to choose between the mass of games that Blueprint has on offer. Why? Because they’re all so unique and entertaining in their own ways.

The Pig Wizard

You may find that The Pig Wizard is one that comes up frequently. Harry Potter fans especially may find this slot game to be right up their alley, as Harry Trotter heads to wizard school in this five-reel and 20 pay line game, featuring magical symbols and intriguing special features.

Alternatively, you may want to check out the Wish Upon a Jackpot slot game. This one doesn’t focus solely on one fairytale, but tries to incorporate as many as possible into a single layout. Characters like Pinocchio and the Gingerbread Man will make appearances as symbols, Wish Upon a Jackpot Logoand Puss in Boots is in there, too. If the stunning visuals aren’t enough to appeal to you, then perhaps you’ll enjoy the inbuilt features that it contains; the Fairy Godmother feature, Wild Reels, Fairy Win Spins and much more.

Others from the Blueprint range that may capture your attention include Slots o’ Gold with its obvious Irish theme, Jungle Jackpots, taking you right into the heart of the rainforest, and Fortunes of Sparta, providing Ancient Grecian imagery in all its glory.

Blueprint Innovations

Winstar LogoIt’s always great when you become aware of an online software developer with game features that can’t be found elsewhere. However, you need to take a look at specific games to see exactly what Blueprint brings to the table in terms of innovation. For example, the Winstar slot is a very basic game on the whole, and it doesn’t feature any bonus rounds, yet it has the breakout feature of its special symbol which transforms into one of the regular symbols after it lands. These icons are stacked and generally appear on multiple lines, providing you with several wins at once.

Peggle LogoTo add to that, you’ll find that Blueprint Gaming has been significant in introducing traditionally non-gambling games to the slots world. For example, there’s the Peggle slot offering. This manages to maintain some features of the original Peggle game, while also adding several other features. Or perhaps you could take a look at Chuzzle, which incorporates stacked creatures on its reels giving the idea of those mobile games like Bejewelled and Candy Crush. Speaking of Bejewelled, Blueprint is also responsible for creating a Bejewelled slot offering.

It’s always great to see variety through innovation, especially with the slots world. So much has been done with slot games already that it’s quite difficult for developers to be truly unique and inventive with their slots these days. That’s why Blueprint stands out. While it hasn’t been in operation as long as some others, only beginning in 2008, it has still made its own unique mark on the industry.

Variety is the Spice of Life

One thing that Blueprint Gaming does that not a huge number of other software developers do, is brings a great variety of themes and ideas to its slot offerings. We see so many developers out there who create game after game after game, and they all feature the same things; a wild, a scatter and a freespins round. For us, it’s always better for slot games to have some variety in terms of the bonus features that they include.

Variety Spice of Life

That’s one of the best traits of Blueprint slots – the fact that they’re so diverse. Not only do they have a lot of scope with the themes running through them, but each one has a distinctly unique set of special features to entertain players. Some people may feel that this should be a staple of online slot games, although it seems as though certain developers don’t agree with this. Fortunately, Blueprint do, so you can always expect to play a game that has intriguing and entertaining inbuilt features from this developer.


Blueprint Gaming is one of those software developers that never seems to get as much recognition as say Netent or Microgaming, for example. However, it’s our opinion that it really should. After all, it’s not every developer that can say it has managed to emerge from the shadow of its parent company. Blueprint started out looking to bring an online business wing to the Gauslemann Group and has since managed to carve out a niche for itself within the gaming industry.

It seems as though Blueprint was destined to excel and create innovative slot offerings, that was their mindset form the start, and when you get right down to it, that’s not a bad mindset to have. Diversity and variety are definitely things that we, as slot gamers, appreciate.

Blueprint SunThe future for this developer looks very bright, especially considering the rate at which it has grown over the years since its inception. Blueprint’s games can already be found at a multitude of online casinos, so we see no reason why it can’t expand to cover a wider range as the years go by. It already has a great portfolio of slot games on hand, and if the developer continues to release 20 games every year, this will only garner them further praise and an ever more appreciative fan base.

For games with a lot of action and entertainment built into them, we always recommend accessing a Blueprint Gaming title.

Slots That Are No Longer Available

SlotReelsPaylinesRTPMin BetMax Bet
Deep Sea Treasure52095.50%0.20500.00
Evel Knieval55095.00%0.50500.00
Monkey Business52096.00%0.2050.00
Plants VS Zombies51994.68%0.20500.00